Healthy gums are essential to your overall health!

From the Mayo Clinic “Oral health: A window to your overall health Go to article

At Michael Kreimer DDS we know that healthy gums are the foundation for healthy teeth but also for your overall health. We make it a priority to educate our patients with what they need to know and do to have and keep healthy gums! We encourage you during these stressful times not to neglect your regular checkups! read more

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Regular check-ups make a difference

Michael Kreimer DDS office’s mission is to help you achieve and maintain good oral health with comfort. Regular dental visits, every 6 months are an important part of maintaining healthy gums and overall dental health. These visits include comprehensive cleaning and evaluation of your teeth, gums, temporomandibular joint, and bite in addition to an oral cancer screening. If any additional treatment is needed we will give you a thorough explanation of treatment plans and work with you to achieve your goals. Your health, comfort and individual needs are always foremost in our minds.

  • Regular Dental Cleanings

  • Comprehensive Oral Health Evaluations

  • Maintenance Program and Education

Our office focuses on individualized dental care and spends the time needed to address and discuss your concerns. More and more we are learning the importance of good oral hygiene to the overall health of the body and mind. We encourage you to maintain regular dental cleanings and evaluations twice a year.

“I just didn’t realize how important good oral hygiene was to my overall health until I started having issues. Dr. Kreimer helped me get back on track and I feel better. I will now make regular check ups a priority.”

Elizabeth Dickinson   •   Patient

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