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Smile Gallery in Loveland, OH

Eric before picture (showing the front teeth)
Eric before picture (showing the upper teeth from mirror's reflection)
Patient Eric after picture of teeth forward
Patient Eric's after picture of teeth below

This patient was grinding his teeth. Grinding your teeth (Bruxism) can chip and shorten them. Dr. Michael Kreimer added bonding to this patient’s teeth to lengthen them and take out all the chips. After this procedure was done Dr. Kreimer fitted the patient with a night guard to help protect the dental work and to help the patient not cause any more trauma to his teeth.

Giambra's before picture of chipped upper front teeth
Giambra after picture (teeth showing from the front)
Giambra's grinded teeth
Giambra's grinded teeth 1

This patient had severe wear on the front teeth due to nighttime grinding. We built up the top front teeth with bonding to restore their normal length.

before picture of tooth chipped
After picture of tooth bonded on chipped tooth

This patient chipped her front tooth which was repaired with a tooth-colored filling material called composite.

before picture of teeth chipped
After picture of teeth filled chipped teeth

This patient had chipped lower and top teeth that were chipping and wearing. Dr. Kreimer fixed the fractured tooth on the patient’s bottom teeth with a composite filling and did some cosmetic contouring on his top teeth to improve the small chips and strengthen the edges of the top teeth. This procedure also helps the patient’s teeth look straighter.

Mark before close-up picture of discolored and missing teeth
Mark after close-up picture
Mark after picture

This patient had only 5 remaining natural teeth left in his upper jaw.  Dr. Kreimer placed 6 individual implants. Individual Crowns where placed on 2 of the implants, and the other 4 implants where used to anchor 2 bridges to give this patient a full set of upper teeth. This patient also had his teeth bleached prior to placing the new crowns and bridges to have a whiter smile.

Before close-up photo of chipped teeth
After close-up picture of teeth filled in with composite fillings

This Patient had front teeth chipping due to wear. Dr. Kreimer placed composite fillings to strengthen the back of the teeth and then contoured the teeth.

Before picture of chipped front tooth
After picture of fixed front tooth

This patient fracture his upper front tooth and composite bonding was placed to fix the tooth.

Implant-dentures restoration for four mini implants
Photo of four mini dental implants placed on the lower arch

This patient had a difficult time wearing his lower denture. 4 mini-implants were placed to hold the lower denture in place. This is a nice economical treatment that significantly improved the ability to eat and hold the denture in.

Before photo of upper front teeth
After photo of upper front tooth filled in

Cosmetic contouring was completed on the upper 4 front teeth. This procedure softens the look of the teeth and gives the illusion of straighter front teeth.

Lower implant-denture restoration
Close up photo of implant fixtures placed

This patient had severe bone loss in his lower jaw making it difficult to keep his lower denture from staying in while eating and talking. We places 4 implants and connected a bar to the implants. We then were able to snap his lower denture to the top of the bar thus holding the denture in place while eating and talking. This is a very nice way to give significant function back to the lower denture.

Before picture of lower front chipped tooth
After picture of lower front chipped tooth filled in

Cosmetic contouring was completed on the upper 4 front teeth. We also fixed the lower fracture front tooth with composite bonding.

Before picture of upper front tooth
After picture of front tooth contouring

This patient had cosmetic contouring on their upper front teeth.

Before picture of gapped and chipped teeth
After picture of teeth with composite bonding

This patient had the space closed between their two front teeth with composite bonding.

Before photo of lower teeth for lower denture
After photo of new dentures
After photo of implant placed on the lower arch

Virginia – New upper denture and new lower denture held in with 4 mini implants.

Before dental work - mouth.
Before dental work.
After dental work photo.

Clarence – This patient had all his remaining top teeth extracted and on the same day, we placed an immediate denture.

Before dental work smile.
After dental work smile.
After dental work smile.

Michael – This is a patient that wanted the open space in his front teeth fixed without having to do orthodontic treatment. Dr. Kreimer placed tooth-colored fillings to close the space and evened out the rest of his top front teeth with a procedure called cosmetic contouring.

Before dental work smile.
After dental work smile.

Julia – This Patient was suffering from lots of decay on their front teeth. We repaired her front teeth with tooth-colored fillings.

Before dental work smile.
After dental work smile.

Katy – This patient was wearing and thinning her front teeth down from grinding. Taking a conservative approach, we lengthened and contoured all her upper front teeth. We also did some cosmetic contouring on all her lower front teeth.


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